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Thursday, June 2, 2011

What is your WHY?

I have spent over 30 years in the working force. Living the corporate lie. "Get an education, get a job, save for your retirement, buy a house, go into debt.......blah blah blah. That's what it sounds like NOW. Ask me that 12 months ago, and I would have told you that is the American way. Robert Kiyosaki opened my eyes. He showed me that there is more to life than "all that"
I delved into the marketing world, headfirst, in October of 2010. I, like most, believed that marketing programs, MLMs, ( whatever you choose to call them), were nothing short of a "con". A pyramid, a ponzi. Boy, was I wrong. 
There are no "get rich quick" programs. Short of winning the lottery or a lengthy prison term, if you want to get "to the top", you are going to have to work at it.
Now everyone in marketing believes that their product/service is "the best". If you didn't believe this, you wouldn't invest so much time and money into it. The thing is, what works for you may not work for someone else. Having a good mentor, a solid upline, support staff and a lot of other variables come into play.
BUT, if you put in your time, and you do what you are supposed to be doing, you WILL see success. Maybe it will come overnight, (as in David Woods' case), maybe it will take you years to unravel the secrets. Maybe, just maybe, you'll invest some money in a mentoring program like MLSPThe Elevation GroupCarbon Copy Pro, etc., and they will guide you to your success.
I often mention a lot of names, individuals or programs, in my blogs. I do this, not because I received any compensation from them, but, because I have learned a great deal from them, and believe that others will benefit from them as well, and, who knows, perhaps they will return the favor someday.
Back to my point of this blog. It's not enough to just say " I want to make more money", I want to be financial independent/stable, I want to be wealthy. Those are NOT good reasons. Yes the money is a "means to the end", but if money is your motivator, you're more likely to end up with results that you don't like.
My "why" is family. I would like to be able to provide a better quality life for my family, and be able to spend more time with them. Being financially independent would allow me to achieve this. Therefore, my family is my "WHY". Money is just what it takes to get me there.
In summation, whatever your "WHY", it MUST be strong enough to motivate you to do WHATEVER it is that you have to do to achieve your goals. Get out of your comfort zone, find a leader/mentor and follow them. Do what they tell you to do. The way to get to where you want to be, is to follow someone who knows the path.
Health, wealth, & prosperity to all..............

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