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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Search Engine Optimization

Alright, well I was going to wait to post another blog, until tomorrow, (just wanted to take a couple of days off), but after reading some comments on recent wall posts, I figured I might as well go ahead while everything is still fresh in my head.

If you've read my blogs before you won't be surprised, if you've never read them, you'll be surprised to see how "raw" I am. I don't hold back, and I usually tell it like it is. For instance, pitching your service/product in 3-5 paragraphs, and calling it a "blog" or an article is a misrepresentation. What it really is, (is), an advertisement. We ALL have the BEST product/service out there, and can offer up dozens of reasons why you should join up and let us become your sponsor. Kinda hard to pitch to someone that is trying to pitch right back isn't it? That's rhetorical, don't answer it.

Anyway, I got a little off track there. What I want to talk about is SEO. I posted a comment stating that I believed that blogging and article marketing would drive more traffic to your site than anything else, and someone responded by commenting that they disagreed, they said SEO would drive more traffic. I suppose that if you paid a company, that provides that service, you could see more traffic from SEO, (by proxy), but if you want to optimize SEO and get ranked towards the top, then you have to be branding yourself. What better way to brand yourself than blogging and article marketing. Build a following, the more that you're searched, the higher you will move up in the rankings.

If you are writing blogs, that contain content that your reader perceives as VALUABLE, then they will keep searching for you and what you have to say. Using "keywords" in your "tags", and inserting them LIBERALLY into your blogs or article will cause YOUR blogs to come up when people search for certain keywords. Learning what keywords have the biggest impact is important.

So, YES, SEO is an important factor in being successful in marketing, (especially internet marketing). The easiest way to achieve this is through effective, value added content, blogging and article marketing.

Health, wealth, and prosperity to all..........

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