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Monday, June 20, 2011

Taking names!

By most definitions, I am a "Newbie". I have been in marketing for just short of a year, and have made my share of "rookie mistakes". I have had my ads declined on Facebook and on Google, have had "my hand slapped" by the Facebook police. Have failed to follow up with a lead or two. But, by and large, I follow what the leaders say I should be doing. Now I'm not knocking down 6 figures a year, (not just yet anyway), but, I figure I am still in my "learning phase", and I WILL get there.

One thing that I see, that can be very frustrating to someone new to marketing or MLM, is a sponsor who never communicates with their downline, or a mentor that gives bad advice. 

My girlfriend and I, both belong to the same company. She joined about a month before I did, and I thought that I was signing up under her, as it turns out that wasn't the case, and I wound up being sponsored by someone else. Someone that has never bothered to contact me. My girlfriends sponsor has never bothered to contact her either.

I made it a point, as each new team member came in under me, to contact them and welcome them to the team and to thank them for joining my team. I continue to stay in contact with them, offering my help, and keeping an eye on how their business is going and growing. I even make it a point to communicate with other people in my company, that are not in my direct downline, just to see how they are getting along, and to see if there is anything that I can do to help them.

So, my point is this, if/when you sponsor someone into your company, they become a part of YOUR team. It is in your best interest to ensure that that team member is just as successful as the rest of the team. I'm not saying that you have to hold their hand and do all the work for them, but, be there for them when they have questions, offer a little guidance. Be a mentor.

Health, wealth, & prosperity to you all..........

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