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Saturday, August 6, 2011


I just signed up my first person, I am on my way. I am going to be more successful, in this program, than anyone that has come before me or that will come after me. WHY? Well, because I say so of course.

If it were only that easy. If THAT is really ALL that it took. If all I had to do was say; "hey, because I took the time and put forth the effort to sign this person up, I am going to be successful". WOW, if only it were that easy.

Signing them up is easy. Convincing them that your program is "the silver bullet", is really the easiest part. The allure of easy money, of quick cash, that makes it all worth it doesn't it. They can't get their credit cards out fast enough. "Sign me up".

BUT, it doesn't stop there. If it does, then you have let them down. It is your responsibility to be there for them. To answer all their questions, to lead them and guide them. I'm NOT suggesting that you do all the work for them. BUT, YOU, are responsible, now that you have enlisted them into your program.

SO, exactly what does that entail? Well, for starters, you have to be held accountable. What does that mean? Well, you have to respond to emails and phone calls. You can try to avoid them, but, rest assured, if you don't respond, they will cancel and join under another leader, (if they join at all).

Does a phone call or an email really take that much from you? If you answered "yes" to the foregoing question, you may want to consider another line of work. NO really, I mean you want to QUIT RIGHT NOW, and find something else to do. Because you are NOT a mentor.
A mentor is THERE. There to answer questions, to offer advice, to lead and to guide. Don't do the work for them, BUT, be there for them.

Remember what Jim Rohn said....................."Service to others' leads to greatness...........great respect, & great satisfaction............."  To get to where you want to be, you are going to have to make some sacrifices, and if that means helping someone else get to where they want to be, then so be it.

Health, wealth, & prosperity to you all...............

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pay it forward.

It has been some time since I have written anything. I used to  blog, at least, once a week. But finding ideas for fresh content, ( content that has some value anyway), can sometimes be a challenge. I apologize for "slacking".Smile
In the marketing industry, we hear it all the time, "Pay it forward". But does anyone really have a clear definition of what this statement actually means? I'm not sure if even I know the true meaning of it. But I have my own ideas of what this staement means, and I just wanted to share some of those ideas. If you have a different opinion or more ideas, I welcome your feedback.
By and large, the marketing industry, (MLM, home based business, direct selling, etc.), is mostly a recruiting game. We attempt to convince others of the great benefits of our product, service, or opportunity, and hope to convey to them the "Great Opportunity", that lies before them, to make great sums of money.
The reality of it is that few are "highly successful", or what most refer to as "Top Earners". Not that attaining that status is impossible, it's just that most give up for whatever reason, before they see the results that they are looking for.
One of the greatest reasons they give, (this is only my opinion), is the lack of support from their upline or personal sponsor. You signed them up, you brought them in, you gave them the opportunity to become successful.
BUT, your responsibility doesn't end there. You need to be there to answer question, to offer advice, or to just call and say "hey, I just wanted to see how you're getting along, and ask what I can do to help you". I'm not saying hold their hand every step of the way, ( although I'm sure most of us have that 1 or 2 on our team that seem to want someone else to do all the work for them), but be there to return calls, or answer e-mails.
In my opinion, the best thing that you can do for someone that you "brought in", is to give them the tools necessary to be succesful in this industry. If you do that, chances are that that person will repeat the process, and our industry will grow, and more people will find greater success. That, to me at least, is the best way to "pay it forward".

Health, wealth, & prosperity to you all...............

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Are you following up with your leads?

On another social site, geared toward marketers, I spend a lot of time blogging, reading the wall posts and offering to help as much as I can. The wall posts, on that site, roll by so fast it is sometimes difficult to read some of them. Most of the wall posts are advertisements.
I happened to be curious about 2 or 3 of them this evening, and commented to the people posting that I would be interested in learning more about there opportunity, and could they please message me the link to their opportunity.
Of the 3, only 1 responded. Of the remaining 2, someone else, from the same company, messaged me saying that if that person didn't send me the link, they would be interested in helping me out, and gave their link to the opportunity.
I am a little confused. You are on a site, where everyone is pitching, and fishing for prospects, yet when you get a nibble you choose to ignore it. Do you have more than enough people in your downline already? Why are you pitching if you're not looking to recruit more people.
What it all boils down to is this, if you are going to pitch, be ready to catch. When a fish nibbles, set the hook. I remember reading somewhere that for every 100 people we tell about our opportunity, only 1 would sign up. With conversions like that, I can't afford to let one get away.
Take the time to respond to prospects. Even if they are only "kicking tires", you'll never know unless you follow up with them. My son plays hockey, and I always tell him "the greatest opportunities he misses are the ones' that he never takes".
If you have a fear of talking to people, you are in the wrong business. Get out of your comfort zone, learn to talk to people, with confidence, and watch your conversion rate grow.
Health, wealth, and prosperity to all..............

Monday, June 20, 2011

Taking names!

By most definitions, I am a "Newbie". I have been in marketing for just short of a year, and have made my share of "rookie mistakes". I have had my ads declined on Facebook and on Google, have had "my hand slapped" by the Facebook police. Have failed to follow up with a lead or two. But, by and large, I follow what the leaders say I should be doing. Now I'm not knocking down 6 figures a year, (not just yet anyway), but, I figure I am still in my "learning phase", and I WILL get there.

One thing that I see, that can be very frustrating to someone new to marketing or MLM, is a sponsor who never communicates with their downline, or a mentor that gives bad advice. 

My girlfriend and I, both belong to the same company. She joined about a month before I did, and I thought that I was signing up under her, as it turns out that wasn't the case, and I wound up being sponsored by someone else. Someone that has never bothered to contact me. My girlfriends sponsor has never bothered to contact her either.

I made it a point, as each new team member came in under me, to contact them and welcome them to the team and to thank them for joining my team. I continue to stay in contact with them, offering my help, and keeping an eye on how their business is going and growing. I even make it a point to communicate with other people in my company, that are not in my direct downline, just to see how they are getting along, and to see if there is anything that I can do to help them.

So, my point is this, if/when you sponsor someone into your company, they become a part of YOUR team. It is in your best interest to ensure that that team member is just as successful as the rest of the team. I'm not saying that you have to hold their hand and do all the work for them, but, be there for them when they have questions, offer a little guidance. Be a mentor.

Health, wealth, & prosperity to you all..........

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Search Engine Optimization

Alright, well I was going to wait to post another blog, until tomorrow, (just wanted to take a couple of days off), but after reading some comments on recent wall posts, I figured I might as well go ahead while everything is still fresh in my head.

If you've read my blogs before you won't be surprised, if you've never read them, you'll be surprised to see how "raw" I am. I don't hold back, and I usually tell it like it is. For instance, pitching your service/product in 3-5 paragraphs, and calling it a "blog" or an article is a misrepresentation. What it really is, (is), an advertisement. We ALL have the BEST product/service out there, and can offer up dozens of reasons why you should join up and let us become your sponsor. Kinda hard to pitch to someone that is trying to pitch right back isn't it? That's rhetorical, don't answer it.

Anyway, I got a little off track there. What I want to talk about is SEO. I posted a comment stating that I believed that blogging and article marketing would drive more traffic to your site than anything else, and someone responded by commenting that they disagreed, they said SEO would drive more traffic. I suppose that if you paid a company, that provides that service, you could see more traffic from SEO, (by proxy), but if you want to optimize SEO and get ranked towards the top, then you have to be branding yourself. What better way to brand yourself than blogging and article marketing. Build a following, the more that you're searched, the higher you will move up in the rankings.

If you are writing blogs, that contain content that your reader perceives as VALUABLE, then they will keep searching for you and what you have to say. Using "keywords" in your "tags", and inserting them LIBERALLY into your blogs or article will cause YOUR blogs to come up when people search for certain keywords. Learning what keywords have the biggest impact is important.

So, YES, SEO is an important factor in being successful in marketing, (especially internet marketing). The easiest way to achieve this is through effective, value added content, blogging and article marketing.

Health, wealth, and prosperity to all..........

Friday, June 10, 2011

What IS important!!!!!!!

Recently, my girlfriends 18 year old son graduated high school. His plans, 6 months ago, were to join the military. But, he saw the enthusiasm, in his mother and I, when we talked about network marketing. So, he gave up on a career in the military and decided to go into marketing.
My girlfriends 21 year old son is a Psych major at the University of Missouri, ( Go Tigers), and is very skeptical and analytical of almost everything. When his mother first mentioned our primary, he asked if it was a "ponzi scheme". He is coming home for the summer, and is going to learn all that he can about marketing, and is joining our primary.
My 15 year old daughter understands the importance of "branding yourself", and wants to get involved in network marketing. She is a straight A student, took high school math in middle school, and took college geometry in her freshman year of high school. To say that she is a very bright and gifted young lady is and understatement. To say that I am a little biased is also an understatement.
But the point of this blog is "FOCUS". I work a J.O.B., Monday through Friday, 5:30 AM till whenever, then I come home and spend 5 to 6 hours every night on my laptop, trying to brand myself, learn all that I can, and share what knowledge I have.
I get my kids every other weekend during the school year, and for 1 week, every other week, during the summer. Suffice it to say, I don't get to spend as much time with them as I'd like.  In as much as I live an hour away from them, I don't get to see them as often as I'd like.
As eager as I am to "brand myself", get my content seen, deliver "real value" in my content, and build my business, I have to remind myself NOT to lose focus of what is important to me. Is being financially independent important to me? YES it is. But, WHY? So that I have the freedom to spend more time with my family. BUT, I do have to remind myself, when my kids are with me, to take a break from marketing, and focus on them.
I heard someone say, a long time ago, focus on what's important. Marketing, branding myself, building my business, sharing my knowledge, etc.., these things are all VERY important to me. BUT, even more important is the reason WHY I am so eager to be successful in this industry. So that I have the financial freedom to spend all my time with my family. So, I have to remind myself to NOT lose focus.
Stay focused on what your goals are, what you have to do to achieve them, and at the same time, DON"T lose focus of the things, (like family & friends), that are important to you.
Health, wealth, & prosperity to you all..............

Saturday, June 4, 2011

You better get your mind right!!!!!

Monday through Friday I get up and I go to my place of employment. I actually enjoy the work that I do, and for the most part I enjoy the people that I work with. But the idea of spending the rest of my life, "punching the clock" DOES NOT appeal to me at all.
So, about a year ago, I made up my mind that I was going to do something else. I was going to do something that I enjoyed, something that gave me the freedom that I wanted, to be able to spend more time with my family. But not just anything, it had to be something that I really enjoyed. Something that EXCITED me. Enter network marketing.
By most definitions I am a "newbie". Luckily I haven't learned by the trial and error method that a lot of marketers have and continue to use. I, (and everyone in, or interested in, marketing), have the very fortunate advantage of being given all of the resources necessary to be succesful in this industry.
The mentoring programs, marketing social networks, and information on the industry are readily available. All you have to do is be willing to put forth some effort and be willing to learn. The most succesful people in our industry are only too happy to share, with the world, their knowledge. For that and for them, I am eternally grateful.
Thanks to Tony Robbins, one of the first things I did in my new career, was to strike the word "failure" from my vocabulary. I literally DO NOT use that word at all. I believe that "failure" is a mindset and not a result of an action, and I refuse to let myself fall into that mindset.
Another word that I have recently struck from my vocabulary, is "impossible".  Because there is nothing that is impossible. "Speak those things as if they were"...., That is the mindset you have to have, you have to BELIEVE that you are going to get the results that you want.
I realize that some days it is difficult to stay focused, and it is easy to lose sight of things. The early stages of this industry are very impressionable and very trying. But, if you persist, and have the right mindset. If you take advantage of all of the knowledge and tools that are at your disposal. The results that you are looking for WILL come.
Remove negative words and thoughts from your life. Focus on your goals. Keep looking through the windshield, and never use the rear-view mirrors. You can't see where you're going if you're always looking behind you. Keep your head up, stay focused, get motivated and let's all go to the top.
Health, wealth, and prosperity to you all.........