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Friday, June 10, 2011

What IS important!!!!!!!

Recently, my girlfriends 18 year old son graduated high school. His plans, 6 months ago, were to join the military. But, he saw the enthusiasm, in his mother and I, when we talked about network marketing. So, he gave up on a career in the military and decided to go into marketing.
My girlfriends 21 year old son is a Psych major at the University of Missouri, ( Go Tigers), and is very skeptical and analytical of almost everything. When his mother first mentioned our primary, he asked if it was a "ponzi scheme". He is coming home for the summer, and is going to learn all that he can about marketing, and is joining our primary.
My 15 year old daughter understands the importance of "branding yourself", and wants to get involved in network marketing. She is a straight A student, took high school math in middle school, and took college geometry in her freshman year of high school. To say that she is a very bright and gifted young lady is and understatement. To say that I am a little biased is also an understatement.
But the point of this blog is "FOCUS". I work a J.O.B., Monday through Friday, 5:30 AM till whenever, then I come home and spend 5 to 6 hours every night on my laptop, trying to brand myself, learn all that I can, and share what knowledge I have.
I get my kids every other weekend during the school year, and for 1 week, every other week, during the summer. Suffice it to say, I don't get to spend as much time with them as I'd like.  In as much as I live an hour away from them, I don't get to see them as often as I'd like.
As eager as I am to "brand myself", get my content seen, deliver "real value" in my content, and build my business, I have to remind myself NOT to lose focus of what is important to me. Is being financially independent important to me? YES it is. But, WHY? So that I have the freedom to spend more time with my family. BUT, I do have to remind myself, when my kids are with me, to take a break from marketing, and focus on them.
I heard someone say, a long time ago, focus on what's important. Marketing, branding myself, building my business, sharing my knowledge, etc.., these things are all VERY important to me. BUT, even more important is the reason WHY I am so eager to be successful in this industry. So that I have the financial freedom to spend all my time with my family. So, I have to remind myself to NOT lose focus.
Stay focused on what your goals are, what you have to do to achieve them, and at the same time, DON"T lose focus of the things, (like family & friends), that are important to you.
Health, wealth, & prosperity to you all..............

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