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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pay it forward.

It has been some time since I have written anything. I used to  blog, at least, once a week. But finding ideas for fresh content, ( content that has some value anyway), can sometimes be a challenge. I apologize for "slacking".Smile
In the marketing industry, we hear it all the time, "Pay it forward". But does anyone really have a clear definition of what this statement actually means? I'm not sure if even I know the true meaning of it. But I have my own ideas of what this staement means, and I just wanted to share some of those ideas. If you have a different opinion or more ideas, I welcome your feedback.
By and large, the marketing industry, (MLM, home based business, direct selling, etc.), is mostly a recruiting game. We attempt to convince others of the great benefits of our product, service, or opportunity, and hope to convey to them the "Great Opportunity", that lies before them, to make great sums of money.
The reality of it is that few are "highly successful", or what most refer to as "Top Earners". Not that attaining that status is impossible, it's just that most give up for whatever reason, before they see the results that they are looking for.
One of the greatest reasons they give, (this is only my opinion), is the lack of support from their upline or personal sponsor. You signed them up, you brought them in, you gave them the opportunity to become successful.
BUT, your responsibility doesn't end there. You need to be there to answer question, to offer advice, or to just call and say "hey, I just wanted to see how you're getting along, and ask what I can do to help you". I'm not saying hold their hand every step of the way, ( although I'm sure most of us have that 1 or 2 on our team that seem to want someone else to do all the work for them), but be there to return calls, or answer e-mails.
In my opinion, the best thing that you can do for someone that you "brought in", is to give them the tools necessary to be succesful in this industry. If you do that, chances are that that person will repeat the process, and our industry will grow, and more people will find greater success. That, to me at least, is the best way to "pay it forward".

Health, wealth, & prosperity to you all...............

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